New Course – Rebelle app

Hi Everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I’m working on new course which I hope to be published before the New Year. This course will be about photo painting techniques using Rebelle software.

Rebelle is a desktop application for Windows and Mac developed by Escapemotions Rebelle is one of the best painting software in the market. It’s brush strokes are so natural that it is hard to tell them from the real paintings. Rebelle has got the recent update to version 7 which is absolutely fantastic.

In the Rebelle tutorial I will focus on my technique on how to paint from or on photos inside Rebelle. There is a tracing option in the program which not everyone knows about. It allows to trace colors and contours of the original image and turn the image into realistic painting.

Stay tuned to for new announcements.

Happy photo painting.



  1. I have been using Rebelle since Rebelle 4. It’s a great painting app and very close to real painting. The brushes are pretty amazing. Rebelle 6 Pro was great and Rebelle 7 is their best yet.
    Nicky Jameson

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