New Photo2Paint Website

Dear Members, Artists and Supporters!

I’m excited to announce the launch of an updated version of photo2paint website. The new site delivers better interface and user experience, as it is built on Tutor LMS platform. The Course page looks and feels much more intuitive for the students as it structured similar to Udemy or Skillshare interface. The player is re-designed by Tutor LMS and provides the best user experience to watch the content. But most importantly are the new interactive features introduced with this new website. Now the students can leave comments or questions under each course and lesson. The tutor will follow up on these comments so that other students could also be engaged in the discussion. The students can now rate any course and provide valuable feedback to the community.

The News page will now serve as information source for the artists about upcoming courses, new features and improvements in Photo2Paint. You will also have an ability to leave a comment under each news article.

The Support page introduces a contact form where you can send me any question privately. You no longer need to search for my email address, just write me in the support form and click send.

I also introduced the Gallery page where I posted some of my photo to paint transformations made with the techniques described in my courses. In the future, I plan to populate this Gallery with the works of my students.

Finally, any new courses, any updates, any major announcements will automatically get sent to you over email, so you will be up-to-date with my courses and don’t miss the important one.

I’m happy about the launch of new website as it really motivates me to produce many more photo to paint courses on a regular basis.

!!! IMPORTANT: All paid members have been migrated to the new site. You should be able to login with your existing user name and password. You will have access to all the courses, as it was in the previous site. Just click on Enroll the Course and you are there.

As a bonus to existing members, I have renewed your subscription for 6 o 12 months respectively of what you have originally purchased. The Life-time subscriptions remains life-time, of course ))).

I’m wishing you all happy photo painting.

Yours, Yuri

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