iColorama Master Class: From Photo Editing to Photo Painting

This Masterclass covers everything you need to know about iColorama application for iPad or iPhone. With iColorama you can do anything with your photo, from simple image editing to realistic digital paintings, turning your digital image into amazing piece of art.

iColorama, is not just another app to tweak images with sliders and filters. This is a unique piece of software on your mobile devices to unleash your creativity and artistic dreams, wherever you are and wherever you go.

In this course you will learn how to work with iColorama and more importantly how to transform your photos into painted art, using iColorama’s brushes, different styles and my techniques.

What you will Learn

  • iColorama interface and its features
  • iColorama tools: color adjustment, effects, styles, texure, mask, etc.
  • How to work with iColorama brushes
  • Principles of photo to paint manipulation
  • Photo painting techniques based on real examples

Because iColorama is an iOS application, this will require to use iPad and Apple Pencil. If you use any other pencil compatible with iPad, this is fine too. You can also use your finger if you like. But digital pencil is much more convenient for the painting process in iColorama.

Course Instructor

Yuri Yuri Author

I want to make people happy by unveiling a real artist inside of them. A lot of people are struggling to create art and paintings due to lack of knowledge, time or inability. I was one of them. Digital art and photo manipulation appealed to me by its novelty, variety of medias, and anywhere-anytime capabilities. After more than 20 years of experience, I now teach other people on how to become a Master of turning a regular photo into a real digital painting in a simple and efficient way. This brings true satisfaction and that’s what we all need today.