iArtbook – Photo Painting Made Easy

iArtbook is an application for iPAD

iArtbook Course Information

Whether you take photos for fun or you do it professionally, whether you paint as an artist or you don’t even know how to draw. This course is for you!

After completing this Course, you will be able to create stunning paintings out of your photographs. The beauty of this Course is that it does not require any special skills.

You don’t need to be a professional artist to follow this course. In fact, even if you don’t know how to draw – this Course is for you. All you need is your passion for art, an iPad, iArtbook application (free on AppStore) and my techniques which I share with you during this Course.

What you’ll learn

In this Course you will learn how to transform your photos into beautiful paintings, using iArtbook app on iPad. There are eight Projects in this Course representing different photo painting techniques whcih I have created using iArtbook. These are:

  • One layer – one brush painting
  • Multiple layers – multiple brush paintings
  • Painting straight on photo
  • Portrait painting on textured canvas
  • Applying sketch to painting
  • Applying hand-drawn outlines to painting
  • Deep Art Effect Painting
  • Deep Dream Generator Painting


Because iArtbook is an iOS application, this will require to use iPad and Apple Pencil. If you use any other pencil compatible with iPad, this is fine too. You can also use your finger if you like. But digital pencil is much more convenient for the painting process in iArtbook.

iArtbook is free of charge on AppStore.

iArtbook Video Course