FotoSketcher: Impressive Photo Painting

In this Course, you will learn how to transform a regular photo into an impressive digital art using famous FotoSketcher application. No one would believe that you made it on your computer.

The beauty of my technique lays in three words – Easy, Free and Fantastic!

Easy – because no artistic or any other special skills are required. The automated process will make all the job for you in five minutes!

Free – because FotoSketcher is hundred percent free of charge!

Fantastic – because the result of photo to paint transformation is stunning!

I hope that you will enjoy this course!

FotoSketcher Course Information and Requirements

In this Course I will share with you not only my workflow of working in FotoSketcher but more importantly you will receive presets and brushes which I have developed specifically for this Course.

The current version of FotoSketcher 3.80 works only on Windows PC. However, the next version is promised to be compatible with Mac OS. As soon as Mac version is released I will make an announcement.

FotoSketcher Video Course