Art Set 4: From Photo to Real Painting

Art Set 4 is an iPad application for realistic painting

Course Information

In this Course you will learn how to create gorgeous digital painting from a photo with super realistic brush strokes. The tracing/cloning tool of Art Set 4 will automatically pick up shapes and colors of underlying image and transfer it into a stunning painting on beautiful canvas.

Course Instructor

Yuri Yuri Author

I want to make people happy by unveiling a real artist inside of them. A lot of people are struggling to create art and paintings due to lack of knowledge, time or inability. I was one of them. Digital art and photo manipulation appealed to me by its novelty, variety of medias, and anywhere-anytime capabilities. After more than 20 years of experience, I now teach other people on how to become a Master of turning a regular photo into a real digital painting in a simple and efficient way. This brings true satisfaction and that’s what we all need today.